You should know these details of car LED headlight before you buy


In years of techniques having been developed, the aftermarket, LED headlight has expanded to the good variety of the customers. The reason why most of the automotive brands, such as TOYOTA, have not equipped their models with entire LED lighting is much higher cost. 

Here are plenty of drawbacks that LED headlights intrinsically has due to the untrained or improper install, such as the install angle causing the bad lighting shape, too old models of the cars with LED lights installed, and what’s more. It is also worth mentioning that the details of the LED headlights are crucial to the buyer. So, before you buy the first one LED headlight, you should have to read some points that helps you with decision.


Know your car and policy in your location

In some of the locations, there is policy telling that the cars ready to the road need to be tested by experts, and otherwise your will be illegal for “glare” or “blinding the oncoming drivers”. In such case, you have to know very well about your car, because this is not only for being legal but also for upcoming drivers staying safe while you are driving and passing by them. For the older models of the car, we suggest a good replacement with a projector that fits LED headlights.

LED lights must go much more dim with bad cooling

There are many reasons why people buy a LED headlight. One of the reason as the most popular is brightness -that the LED headlight is 200% brighter than the halogen light bulb. That is cool, but almost the brightness of the LED headlights decays by its working environment. 

One key point that brightness decays is “temperature”. Regularly, LED headlights are equipped with the fan, while the more sophisticated one would be with copper cooling tube. The LED working efficiency would lower depending on how much heat is being produced. Take a model made by Philips for example, tested it by an integrating sphere (an instrument that tests the brightness of luminous body). At the beginning, it came with 2571 lumens, which was decent and acceptable, and around seconds later, dropped to 2387 lumens —totally dimmed by approximately 184 lumens. This was due to how cooling system makes effects to the LED chip. 



In the case about our headlight HYUGA U9, launched in early 2020, was tested as 4806 lumens at the beginning, and then dropped by about 188 lumens after seconds. It is a good indication that the cooling works well at the high brightness of the LED chip, and also that higher brightness of LED chips requires proficient cooling management. If you want your LED headlight to keep bright to the extent you expect, cooling test is needed for information. 




The next key rule to the cooling, is the temperature controller. In high-end LED headlights, it is usually equipped. It rapidly controls the chip efficiency and the fan rotation speed under the temperature tolerance. This helps LED chips lights at the expected brightness and keep it in the longer lifespan. Apart from what is not mentioned, you have sense that 



There is the final key for cooling —copper heat conductor. If you have a laptop, it is noticeable that a heat tube is equipped to the CPU processor. The heat tube and the fan inside the laptop co-work for cooling. Yeah, in the LED headlight, there are the 100% same cooling design. Copper is a metal well known for heat transfer. Thus to HYUGA U9 headlight, we designed both a tubular and a flat heat conductor, as shown below, while you might have spotted two flat pieces of copper in the Philips headlight. The heat conductor in HYUGA U9 has much more efficiency in cooling than in Philips’ one.



Cable package matters to your car, but seldom people care

People don’t notice cable design because it is often not striking. But here you have to take it important. A plastic packed cable is almost in danger of melting because it stays in the very high temperature. A new knitted fabrics as a cable package is a safe alternative for plastic. That is good for LED headlight to have a knitted packed cable— it tolerates much higher temperature than the plastic one.


Is it easy for you to install?

This is a crucial question because car LED replacement is an “engineer business”. That means, you need to have an “at least” basic knowledge for the basement, fitment, and troubleshooting. For whose car that is old or out of date, they have to change the entire light reflection to the “projection”. This will be difficult for those who are the first timer to the car customization world. Hereby, the LED headlight designer will regard such ease/difficulty in install into consideration. Our LED headlight features the “rotary basement”, this really gives you ease for install. Want to know more? Click here.

It has things to do and learn before you purchase one LED headlight for your loved car. We would say that, HYUGA U9 could be your best choice for this article in fruition.We know you might be also interested in How can LED headlight avoid glare or blinding others?

Get our fantastic LED headlight U9:


Chip : 7545 Ultimate CSP Chip

Application: Universal for cars, motorcycles and trucks

Base Type Available: H1 / H3 / H4 / H7 / H8 / H9 / H11 / H16J / 9005 / 9006 / 9012 / D2(D4)

Power: 45 W

Input Voltage: 12 – 36 V

Emitting Color: White, in range of 6,000 – 6,500 K

Waterproof: IP66

Unit: 1 pair (2 LED headlight bulbs)

Measured Brightness: 4,200 ~ 4,800 LM

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