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We provide business purchase of our LED light bulbs & auto parts in special priced under agency, distribution or wholesale agreement. We also manufacture the customized LED bulbs for business customers (OEM/ODM).

We own retail shops in various channels based in countries and sell consumer LED light bulbs and parts for automotive, motorcycle, gaming machine, and etc.

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HYUGA is a Romanized word“彪雅”in Japanese. 彪 indicates powerfulness as a tiger have, while 雅 means itself by elegance. 

Since the business in 2007, Per-Accurate Incorporation have satisfied customers and business with a good variety of LED finished products, majorly for automotive and arcade game machines. We made breakthroughs over past time, experiencing from COB to chip revolution, developing the singular LED chip of 75*45mm with nearly 5,000 lm measured in 2020. HYUGA is the start of the ultimate lighting. We persist all the HYUGA LED replacement to the halogen bulbs features at least 5 times higher brightness than the original.

Manufacture for Innovation


We have supplied products to hundreds of successful business and aftermarket retailers to help them line up their stable, highly-qualified, and innovative products. Our supply covers automotive motorcycle industrial game machine LED bulbs, OEM and customization for LED products. 


Certificate-based Quality

Before launching each of our products, the durability, safety and stability stand on the highest priority in our heart. We want our products to perform well in the long lifespan for our customers, so we guarantee the quality with relying on these significant certificates. Welcome to learn more about our certificates.


Products & Catalog

We’ll walk you through the most complete catalogs of our products, so you know what to expect along the way.
Deeper and specific questions are super accepted by us, so don’t forget to contact us or chat with us online which button is on the down-right cover↘️

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Member Only: 1.5 Year Free Warranty

The most popular, qualified and certificate-based LED products on sale. Automotive lighting / arcade gaming machine (pinball/slot) lighting for retrofit. Shop now: get discount more than any other platform!

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Are you about to line up your LED products and now looking for a vender for long term supply? We are thrilled to enrich your business with our efficient production. Please fulfill the sheet below if you are ready to.

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11F., No.866-11, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235601, Taiwan (ROC)

TEL: +886-2-8221-7268

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USA, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia
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