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A tutorial how LED headlight can avoid glare and blind others.

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As I have mentioned as LED specialists to tell you benefits of LED installed in your car, now you might be super wondering what LED headlight wins for avoiding many scandalous issues discussed in online forums –blinding oncoming drivers, ugly light shape and explosive brightness? These problems are not only caused by aftermarket LED headlights but also by the wrong installation our improper cars. As an observer to automotive LEDs, we are eager to tell you any trait a proper LED headlight ought to be of.

Pre-purchase –Testimonial Should be Demanded by You


As human beings we are always torn among a bulk of goods shown in shelves and search lists by online shops. On today in an explosive market of LED replacement bulbs and lights, you ought to know why these LED products are sold. One to spot is sellers running strategy of saturating the market by rapidly launching new products lacking fitment testimonials. Even if your cars are written in their fitment section, goods from them would probably not work as well as they should. On contrary reputable sellers rather point out restrictions of fitment about their products, being responsibly professional for customers’ decision making. Hereby, photos for showing what a light shape is reflected by certain products helps you understand the extent to which the LED headlights mimic the originally equipped ones, as they are a role of replacement. The shape indicates whether it is emitted too broadly or in the straight, certain area.

The picture above helps you understand how a good light shape is required for avoid interrupting others’ driving sight.


The design of the LED chip and its belonging body designed are factors to the light shape. That is why quality always stays decisive. Next, never believe that high lumen of LED brings your car effective lighting. Higher brightness of lightbulbs, more effective projection / reflection area you should bring them. 



To Know How Your Car / Motor Supports Headlight Work

blankIf your car is very classical, I advise you change the original one to “projection housing”. The projection housing is considered rather proper for LED headlights because it could effectively keep glare away. However note that your headlight housing is everything! In the market some halogen headlights in cars, scooter, and motorcycle even scatter in the wrong lines, as shown on top(phone) left(laptop), but are considered acceptable. Once they are replaced by the LEDs, glare happens. The solutions are to pick up the optimized ones or install the projection housing. 


There’s good article for knowing projection housing:

Why LEDs should not be run in Halogen reflectors


Install Principal –Repeated Adjustment to Angle

If you are a first timer to LED customization, you are best gotten the principal of installation to follow. To know that unlike halogen headlights emitting light by 360 degrees, LED replacement only emits it by two opposite direction. This is indicative that you must adjust them by angles for the beautiful projection because of different headlights and module. As the picture below tells the good install could perfectly mimic the original shape.


All in all, knowledge-based purchase, understanding of your cars, and careful install are main three points you better be aware of. For the best product quality, we have options for you to know more. Headlight U9 comes as one of a kind. It features 4,800 lumens of brightness, compatibility with most of the basements, and never-before cooling system –temperature-controlling chip, copper heat-conducting tube and 10,000RPM fan! Easy of install, ease of access to LED world! Click the photo to learn more:

Get our fantastic LED headlight U9!

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