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HYUGA Curator Team

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2022 Yamaha Zuma: LED Bulb Install Tutorial

This is a tutorial for you to know how to install LED rear and front turn signal bulbs, brake light bulb, license plate light bulb and daytime running light (DRL).

Want to know any LED bulb recommendation for your Yamaha Zuma? Click to read the recommendation.


Installing LED Front and Rear Turn Signal Bulbs


Interested in our LED 22 SMD Super Bright LED Bulb? Base BAU15S (1156): 
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Installing LED DRL (Daytime Running Light)


▲ HYUGA LED 6 SMD 5630 Light Bulb – White


Interested in what we would recommend for your DRL?:

White 6 SMD 5630 T10 LED Bulb
Green & Red 6 SMD 2835 T10 LED Bulb 

Installing LED Brake Light


Are you interested in this dramatic upgrade?
Click to know more about our LED 55 SMD Bright Red Brake Light Bulb

Installing LED License Plate Light


▲ LED Bulb: 6 SMD 2835 License Plate Light Bulb by HYUGA

 Click me to know more about 2835 6 SMD chip.


We guess you might have done the installation. If there is anything else remaining unsolved for any installation, LED purchase or retrofit, feel free to reach us on social media:  

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