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LED Turn Signal Bulb: $45.99 v.s. $4.62? Let’s Talk!

Whenever your automotive needs a good upgrade for lighting, finding out a durable and bright LED replacement bulbs is not easy. As people mentioned, all things are just too cheap to be good? This really interests us. So we spent $4.62 on 1 pair of bestselling LED 144 SMD turn signal bulbs from Amazon:



We will show you how prices effects the quality.

Let’s talk about them:


LED Chip of Turn Signal Bulb


The Amazon bestselling bulb has 144 qty of SMD 4014 LED chips, which would amaze customers. Compared to that, will our LED bulbs with 30 qty of 3030 chips be so dim?

// Our point of views //

For the Amazon bestselling one, it is too compact and tight for 144 qty of the 4014 chips inside a bulb body. In contrast, the chips in our LED bulb have adequate gaps for cooling against thermal issues. The thermal increase would lower the brightness and lead to malfunction.

Moreover, the 4014 LED chip(equipped into the Amazon bestselling one) is widely known as low power efficiency, let alone being super bright. In contrast, the 3030 LED chips, which equipped in our LED turn signal works with more luminous efficiency and less malfunction rate. Refer to the chart below, you can see how great performance our 3030 LED chip has.


Bulb Base of LED Turn Signal Bulb

FAQ: Would your LED bulb be badly connected or falling out from the socket?


// Our point of views //

This is a common question we have received from customers in USA. They have questioned this because some of the customers faced that the base of the bulbs they bought didn’t fit in, but was loose or weakly connected. 

For that, we bought more than 10 brands of the LED bulbs, realizing that most of their pin points (circled in red) were not enough for perfect fitment. Even if this is the universal specification, there are errors among them. Apart from them, our LED bulbs have the precise base against any fitment or installation issues.


Power Efficiency and Brightness for Turn Signal

FAQ: My LED bulb started hyper flash. In advertisement, it said “anti hyper flash”, but why?


// Our point of views //

144 qty of the LED chips is so massive that they bring serious “thermal problem”. Once they get hot, the protection starts to decrease the power, sometimes lower than 15W. The low power would bring to the hyper flash issue. This is serious for such the big quantity of the LED chips.

The CAN bus safely prevents the LED turn signals from hyper flash under > 21W of power input. As two photo shown, the Amazon bestseller one was only detected 16.9W, which is far lower than 21W. How could that happen? If you keep it light up more than 5 minutes, it could start hyper flash. In contrast, you can see our LED turn signal bulbs lights up under > 21W, and what’s more, brighter than the Amazon one.


👆 Lighting up: 144 SMD LED Bulbs


👆 Lighting up: PA LED 30 SMD LED Bulbs (Feel it cool? Click to shop!)

Let's Conclude

It doesn’t mean it is none of waste to buy more expensive LED bulbs, but the cheaper bulb could lack of something that we expect to have, such like, durability and sophistication. Otherwise, sooner or later, you might need to buy another new ones.

Does Quantity of LED Chip Matter? Not Really

You were taught that the more chips, the better brightness. For this case, you might be misled. If there are two bulbs, respectively 30 SMD and 144 SMD, having the same brightness, it doesn’t matter for the quantity, but the quality.


Quality of LED Chip Matters

As mentioned, some specifications of the LED chip, such as 4014, are not durable for high power input. In the aspect of that, manufacturers lower the specified power to avoid failure and thermal issues. All in all, this would come with hyper flash. 
Let’s why we recommend our LED 30 SMD Anti Hyper Flash Turn Signal Bulb. It features CAN bus system built-in, super bright LED chip and anti hyper flash. No electrical feedback noise, 100% compatible. 

Feature  anti hyper flash and error noise under CAN bus system.

Chip  30 pcs of ultimate 3030 LED SMD chips

Base Type BA15S, BAU15S (1156), T20(7440)

Color Choice / Red Orange(Euro-Legislated), Golden Yellow, Factory Orange

Warranty / 12 months

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