What is Amazon Prime Day?

July is a very important month for Amazon sellers, for this month has Prime Day member shopping carnival, which is a mid-year sales opportunity that sellers should not miss. Prime Day is like a surprise for Amazon in the off-season, which will be a great opportunity to increase sales, improve rankings, and clear inventory. 


Recently, Amazon accidentally leaked the date of 2019 Prime Day, just like what happened last year. This is just the sense of humor commonly used by Amazon. However, since Amazon Prime Day start in 2015, this special day has been a big thing to all the web shopper. Let this article helps you learn more about what Prime Day is and take action before it’s too late!


When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?


What should I do if I'm not an Amazon Member?

Prime Day is a members-only affair: You need to have an active Amazon Prime subscription in order to take advantage of all the discounts, right? 


No — Totally nothing to worry about, first of all, this is a festival that tons of sale is not prime only. Maybe you will still find some good deal — just without the free 1- or 2-day shipping afforded Prime members.


Although there will be undoubtedly be some items that are Prime-exclusive — most notably Amazon-branded stuff like Kindles and Echos — there will be others that are simply discounted. That said, to fully hedge your bets, consider signing up for a free one-month Amazon Prime trial (available only if you’ve never tried Prime before). You can cancel the service after 29 days and avoid getting billed, but still reap the full benefits of Prime Day. Just make sure to wait until maybe the third week of June before signing up, just to make sure your trial overlaps the July event. 


This option is even better if you’re a student: Amazon is still partnering with Sprint to offer college students a free six-month Amazon Prime trial. Of course, Prime affords a whole bunch of other benefits, not the least of which are the aforementioned fast shipping on most products and lots of movies and TV shows from Prime Video. So if you don’t already have an account, my advice is get a free one, or shop without prime anyway for it’s still a good deal!


Before rushing to shopping online, some tips you should know....

1. Check out other stores to find the best price

It’s on. Amazon Prime Day 2019 starts at midnight (PT) on Monday, July 15, and runs a full 48 hours from there — all the way through Tuesday, July 16. Of course, this being Amazon, the Prime Day madness is already under way: We’re already seeing some great deals, not only from Amazon itself, but also from other stores. In fact, Walmart, eBay and Target have announced sales of their own during the same July 15-16 period. And don’t forget the Fourth of July sales running right now, which have some great deals of their own to recommend.


2. Don’t assume Prime Day deals are the best deals

It’s important to remember that products go on sale all the time, and any deal that happens during Prime Day is likely to be repeated. Don’t let the event’s inherent sense of urgency overwhelm your common sense. Indeed, for any given deal you’re eyeballing, check to see if the price has been the same (or lower) in the past. 


3. There are 3 type of sale in Prime Day

The offer includes three forms: price reduction, promotion, and spike.

Price reduction products are limited and generally sold out quickly; promotions are generally targeted at services such as Amazon videos, music, devices, and technology that supports Alexa; spikes are a limited-time promotional offer with the most discounts, including electronics and home appliances.


At Last, wish you have a good online shopping experience!

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