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How to Install LED Exterior / Interior Bulb on Toyota 4Runner 2006 ~ 2021

4Runner is one of the most bestsellers in the United States. There has been thousands of customer reviewing our LED bulbs with positive impression, and of course for the 4Runner owners! We offer you the most complete LED replacement package for you, that brings you at least 5 times brighter


▲ LED Headlight U9S by HYUGA


▲ Before


▲ After (With HYUGA LED Headlight U9S)

The LED headlight for 4Runner is the model HYUGA LED Headlight U9SHYUGA LED U9S Headlight is packed with Cross-shaped LED chip with size 7545,  and CSP technique. It is tested as 4200 lumen as the ultra brightness, giving a mind-blowing retrofit to your automotive headlight.

The light pattern has been upgraded from our last version, LED Headlight U9. Moreover, it is 5X more concentrated than any other average LED headlight can do.


LED Headlight Low Beam U9S 

2006~2021 Model: H11

LED Headlight High Beam U9S

2006~2021 Model: 9005

LED Fog Light S623

2006~2009 Model: 9006
2010~2021 Model:


▲  LED Turn Signal Can Bus 30 SMD by HYUGA


▲ Before vs After (HYUGA Orange Color)


▲ Before vs After (HYUGA Yellow Color)

We strictly recommend HYUGA T20 30 SMD CAN Bus (anti hyperflash) LED turn signal bulbs! The brightness is in average three times higher than the original bulbs! Most important of all, it is CAN bus built in, meaning that you don’t need a decoder to avoid hyper flash!! Please refer to the base type:


▲ with LED T10 9SMD 5630 Front Map Light Bulb by HYUGA


▲ with LED Festoon 24 SMD Rear Dome Light Bulb by HYUGA


We strictly selected one of our bestsellers: LED 6SMD 2835 The brightness is in average times higher than the original halogen bulbs! It also features anti-dim (non-ghosting), non-polar, small size and stabilizer built in!! Please refer to the base type:


▲ Corolla with LED T10 2835  6SMD Trunk Light Bulb by HYUGA


▲ LED T10 2835  6SMD License Plate Light Bulb by HYUGA

LED Front Map Light Bulb

2006~2021 Model: T10 with yellow color.

LED Vanity Mirror Light 

2014~2021 Model: T10 with yellow color.

LED Courtesy Door Light

2006~2021 Model: T10 with yellow color.

LED Front Side Marker Yellow Light

2006~2013 Model: T10 with yellow color.

LED License Plate Light

2006~2021 Model: T10 with yellow color.

LED Rear Dome Light Festoon

2006~2021 Model: 31mm festoon.

This is of the base type: festoon 31mm with super white color.
The light bulb features a board-shape that brings on the larger volume in lighting.


LED Back-up Light 
2006~2021 Model: T10
The model, S-22, of the reverse light bulb (also called back up light) is up to 6 times brighter than the original bulbs!! It is of the base type: T10 with ultimate brightness of white light.

LED Brake Light 

2006~2013 Model: 7443 (T20) with red color.

LED Trunk Light

2006~2021 Model: 7443 (T20) with red color.

To purse security, durability and car-lighting performance, it is not longer a dream. With the pursuit of stability, brightness, security and the highest compatibility, we always brings on the ultimate automotive lighting brightness. Not only see further in the road, but also get more attraction from your car.

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Now, you can save at most $30 to get entire lighting replacement, with the unique customer services: 

1. 90-day returns for unexpected failure. 

2. 1.5 years of warranty

3. USA free shipping. 

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