Congratulations! PA-HYUGA received “AMPA ESG Achievement “ green sign


In this year’s AMPA Taipei Int’l Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show, the organizer, TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) marked the “2022 AMPA ESG Achievement” green logo on certain exhibitors’ booths and promoted it through the exhibition’s public facilities and publicity to highlight and  encourage the companies to invest in ESG sustainable management.

Only 16 exhibitors received this award, and most of the certified companies are the listed companies which are much larger than us. 


Only the certified companies can show the ESG green sign on their booths !

This means that we have been recognized for our efforts in ESG, from the use of green energy or raw materials in our production process, to social welfare and promotion of a friendly working environment.


Tree planting activity 

Although this is only a small acknowledgement of the individual exhibition, this small step can inspire us to continue our efforts and encourage us to take another big step towards achieving our real goals later on. Let our customers or suppliers know.

“Beyond our products, we value our mission and responsibility to society! This is the nutrient and spirit in our brand”


“ESG” is proposed by the United Nations Global Compact (UN Global Compact) and is considered as an indicator to evaluate a company’s operation. The concept is composed of three main components: Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance.

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