3157 VS 3156 |Can I use 3156 instead of 3157 ?

3157 VS 3156 |Can I use 3156 instead of 3157 ?
        The specification number is always complicated. If we search out a proper turn signals, can we as customer easily be informed of the difference between the numbers 3156 and 3157? So you need to know this: Can you tell which is 3156? The Main Two Differences between Them 1. The Appearance The turn signal 3156 has totally two wires, which is specifically called "single wire". As for the one 3157, it has four wires called do

Behind The Light – Why Headlight U9 Stands Out

Launched & sold our next-generation Headlight U9, we received many positive comments on it from customers. Headlight U9 sparks out as a milestone of our brand story because each component in it is efficient and functional. Then, however, insiders issued the question —would shorter lifespan be a sacrifice for this type of high-power LED product? We are confident that because of each functional component, the lifespan won’t be doubted.  Let’s see: ...
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