Launched & sold our next-generation U9頭燈, we received many positive comments on it from customers. Headlight U9 sparks out as a milestone of our brand story because each component in it is efficient and functional. Then, however, insiders issued the question —would shorter lifespan be a sacrifice for this type of high-power LED product?

We are confident that because of each functional component, the lifespan won’t be doubted. 

Let’s see:


Chip Level 


The general LED specification rate chips as:

1860, which tolerates up to 30W of the power and gives out light for 8,000 lumens. It has the lowest cost in manufacturing.

3570, which is one of the most used middle-end chips. It tolerates from 45W to 60W of the power with 10,000 lumens of the brightness.

5530, which is the high-end chip. 60W of the power and 12,000 lumens of the brightness position it as a slightly expensive product.

7545, which is one of the components in Headlight U9. It is a high-end chip for its 80W of power and 15,000 lumens of the brightness. Strict manufacturing arts makes it a high-end product.

Yes, U9 LED chip stands out of others, so it quite needs a team to cool it.


Tube Heat Conductor


In the computer world tube conductor works for CPU as a carrier of the generated heat. Now, we have utilized and equipped the heat conductor with Headlight U9. The cooling efficiency has been up to 350% higher than general headlights.


Temperature Controller Chip


The traditional LED products had been equipped with temperature controller on the fan or the stabler. But never would the controller accurately protect the chip from over 176℉ of the temperature because it works for the temperature on the fan or the stabler. For Headlight U9 we designed to install the proper controller chip beside the LED chip, which straight gives controller the LED temperature data for safety management.


Newly Designed Fan


The fan in Headlight U9 has 10,000RPM of the rotation rate. It is an iconic breakthrough that the fan adjusts its rotation rate to different temperature of the LED light. Moreover, unlike the way the fan has been installed to the headlights in the market, ours is embedded inside the basement. It therefore dose not exposure to the outside, which makes it safely work.

Headlight U9 Specification

Base: H4 / H7 / H8 H9 H11 H16J / 9005 / 9006 / 9012
LED Chip: CSP Chip with 45W
Color: White, 6000K-6500K
Compatible Voltage: 10-36V
Waterproof: IP66
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