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Welcome to HYUGA LED - Resource

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SAMURAI LED, Too Bright To Even Believe.

NEW PRODUCT SERIES さむらい LED This summer, 2020, we launched the new products series of SAMURAI (さむらい). They feature very high brightness, stable operations and

How to tell SMD LED?

SMD LED is generally classified by its size( eg. 5050= 50mm x 50mm, same for  1210 ), 5050 is the only type can be mounted

About LED Bulbs

All you need to know about LED techniques & manufacturing are here. Read our insight into LED world, and find a great solution for professional decision.


3157 VS 3156 |Can I use 3156 instead of 3157 ?

The specification number is always complicated. If we search out a proper turn signals, can we as customer easily be informed of the difference between the numbers 3156 and 3157? So you need to know this:


How does LED Headlight operate?​

Revolution for Headlight LED headlight shines as a sort of semiconductors when it emits photon during accepting given charges. Differently, the halogen headlight shines when


Bright Intensity of LED AUTO Bulbs

  First of all, standard LED bulbs are generally not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs Whenever we are saying a LED BULB can replace a standard