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Benefits of LED installed in your car

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3157 VS 3156 |Can I use 3156 instead of 3157 ?

The specification number is always complicated. If we search out a proper turn signals, can we as customer easily be informed of the difference between the numbers 3156 and 3157? So you need to know this:


How does LED Headlight operate?​

Revolution for Headlight LED headlight shines as a sort of semiconductors when it emits photon during accepting given charges. Differently, the halogen headlight shines when


5 Auto Part you need for Halloween

1. Dashboard Light I mean, Halloween is real dark out there. You don’t want it all light up but some smoothing color dashboard or indoor


How CAR LED Headlight work

Why is LED the best choice? Are you consider of changing LED light on your car? You got to check this out first!


Bright Intensity of LED AUTO Bulbs

  First of all, standard LED bulbs are generally not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs Whenever we are saying a LED BULB can replace a standard

Viewing Angle and Brightness

Wider viewing angle, lower brightness, vise versa. We cannot recommend which type would work best in your vehicle because it depends on the size, shape

LED Bulb Base/Socket

Basically are classified various types and please click here for detail information.

E Series

Introduction of “E series” E = Edison Screw Exx = the diameter in millimeters, even in the U.S., where the bulb glass is listed in 

How to tell SMD LED?

SMD LED is generally classified by its size( eg. 5050= 50mm x 50mm, same for  1210 ), 5050 is the only type can be mounted

T10/T12/T13/T15 Wedge(194 906)

  * T”x”(T10/T12..etc.), “x” stands for the width on the top of bulb, there is nothing  to do with the socket, basically T8/T10/T12/T13/T15 use the

T5 Wedge( 74)

    Features & Application : 12VDC: Car/Motorcycle/Scooter 24VDC: Truck/Trailer/Boat  (some boats are compatible in both 12/24V) Usually for LICENSE PLATE / GAUGE DASHBOARD / INSTRUMEN

T20 Wedge(7440/7443)

7443: Standard Type with 2 filaments, same functions as 1157/3157   7440: Standard Type with 1 filament, same functions as 1156/3156     Features & Application

T20 Wedge(3156/3157)

3157: Standard Type with 2 filaments, same functions as 1157/7443    3156 : Standard Type with 1 filament, same functions as 1156/7440   Features & Application

FESTOON 31/36/39/41mm

    Features & Application : 12VDC: Car/Motorcycle/Scooter 24VDC:Truck/Trailer/Boat (some boats are compatible in both 12/24V) Usually can be divided into 4 standard types: 31/36/39/41 mm,suitable size