1. Dashboard Light


I mean, Halloween is real dark out there. You don’t want it all light up but some smoothing color dashboard or indoor light can comfort you and scare away that frightened feeling!

2. Headlight for prank projection

There is normal headlight, while there is some high power headlight which can make long distance projection! Think about using the LED Headlight and stick some Halloween sticker on it ( Trust me, installation is easy )


3. Bat Eye Recorder


Record your trick or treat with your cell phone? Don’t be silly man! It’s of dark out there! Use a recorder who design for the night!

4. Under Glow LED Light Strip

Man! It’s DIY Time. Roll up your sleeves and ready for some handy stuff! You will definitely be the coolest guy ever in your town for this!

Video Source : AJ’s BRZ


5. Auto Use Huge Capacity Battery


Party all night? Don’t forget to keep an auto use battery on your car just in case your car die! On the other hand, use the battery for cell phone too! It has huge capacity that everyone can share!