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Recently, automobile technology has been changing so fast, and the computer systems of many cars have improved and even very comprehensive! The car’s computer can detect every component in the car, whether their state is working properly; therefore, replacing the LED bulb on the premium model will definitely detect the “light bulb failure” for LED has consume lower power, so some special methods are needed, so-called CAN bus. It can solve the problem by……

What actually CAN bus is?

CAN bus LED bulbs are designed for the vehicles with CAN bus detection, that these kinds’ advanced computer systems detects LED bulbs lower power. Can bus LED bulb helps correctly returning the decoded values.

What does CAN bus mean?

CAN Bus, short for Controller Area Network Bus, is the system monitors of your vehicle. It’s job is to reports on the health of your car.

CAN bus systems are commonly used toward European vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Flowserve, Brunswick, Porsche and many new vehicles. Although most of the newest car models have CAN bus systems, it is better to consult your vehicle dealer to find out about your vehicle’s system before replacing automotive LED products.


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Will CAN Bus LED Decode bulb totally avoid the fail light?

In fact, the requirements of each car are not the same, but in most cases, the CAN Bus bulb can prevent the vehicle system from flashing “Lamp Off”. If you are using a standard LED bulb without the CAN Bus function, the “Lamp Off” indicator will still be displayed because your system cannot connect to a regular LED bulb.

However, in these few years, the market is full of CAN bus LED bulbs made by mainland China’s manufacturers. Thus, the current Can bus bulbs are not quite Can bus at all!

The can bus made by low quality cannot return the right code for different car computer detection system, so most of the time it can’t be decoded at all! The power will still be too small and the indicator of “Lamp Off” is displayed.


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Will CAN Bus LED Decode bulbs avoid the turn signal from flashing?

The CAN Bus decode bulb does not prevent the turn signal from flashing.

These bulbs use proprietary signals to return back to the vehicle system, but the relay still requires the proper load to function properly.

A resistor or a special relay is required to stop the flashing.

About the Auto Relay info, click here to learn more!

What if CAN Bus be installed on no Can bus vehicle?

Well, there is no problem. On the normal car, can bus LED Bulb is just like normal standard LED bulb. Nothing different. There is a lot cheap LED bulb claim to be CAN Bus, but most of them are just normal LED bulbs, so just use it with no worry! 

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How do I know if my car need Can Bus LED bulb?

It’s easy, whenever you have a bulb go out, and your car remind you with the failure light flashing, that mean your car has the Can Bus system, and that you need Can Bus LED instead of normal LED light while replacing.

If you are still not that sure, take off one bulb on your car and drive for a while, and see if failure light is flashing or not. For example, take out a small bulb and drive under the sunlight, see if your car will remind you about that.

How do I get a for real Can Bus Bulb?

Different cars have different code, so if you use a decode chip on Can bus bulb is not enough. You won’t know the Can bus you bought is suitable for your car.

There is only one way to solve this: make the LED Power the same as the original bulb, while the system of all kind of car will find this CAN Bus bulb has similar power as the original one and show no failure light. While this kind of LED bulb are more focus on LED itself and harder to make.


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