TOYOTA Corolla Altis Sedan 2019 - 2020 LED Light Replacement Bundle

SUPER BRIGHT! An Ultimate Replacement for your Corolla 2019 2020.
LED lights are all produced and designed by Per-Accurate Inc., a famous brand from Taiwan.

You can choose the options below for your sedan:

  1. Full Corolla LED replacement bundle $113.5
  2. Full Corolla (hybrid electric ver.) LED replacement bundle $88 *without rear turn signal*

Each LED replacement bundle includes:

  1. LED Headlight (PA S623) $33.99
  2. LED Turn Signal Lights $54 (4 pcs for front and rear)
  3. LED Turn Signal Lights $27 (2 pcs)
  4. LED Front Interior Lights $10 (2 pcs)
  5. LED Rear Dome Light $3.33
  6. LED Vanity Light $5 (2 pcs)
  7. LED License Plate Light $5 (2 pcs included)
  8. LED Trunk Light $5
  9. LED Rear Light Bulb $3.33

which is priced by 5%-off discount.

One year of warranty.

Read the Description below for the detailed info for our products:




We picked up this headlight for your Corolla 2019 2020 headlight :

28W Ultimite Brightness 9012 S623 LED Headlight

This model of headlight has been very popular in Taiwan!

It’s been rated very high by its light color, shape, and focus distance.




The LED Turn Signal for Your Corolla 2019 – 2020

We picked up T20 7440 CAN Bus Anti-Hyperflash LED Turn Signal!

The Brightness is three times higher than the original bulbs!

Most important of all, it is CAN bus, meaning that you don’t need a decader.

know more about this turn signal


Corolla 2019 2020 Front Interior Light


We picked up LED T10 5630 9SMD ultimate brightness bulb, which is rated as 5 star in Shopee Taiwan for the front interior lighting.



Corolla 2019 2020 Rear LED Dome Light

 Corolla 2019 2020 LED Vanity Light Bulb

Corolla 2019 2020 LED Trunk Light

Corolla 2019 2020 LED License Plate Light Bulb

【The 2019 Generation is equipped with T10 basement for license plate lights】

Here  T10 5630 3SMD LED BULB  for you!

This ultimate white color really fits your license plate!!

Corolla Altis 2019 2020 Rear Light

The rear light in Corolla is equipped with halogen bulbs. The LED bulbs helps your car save energy.

Hereby we recommended 5SMD 5050 T10 Red bulbs, which is loved by our Japanese clients!



Additional information


Full Corolla LED replacement bundle, Full Corolla (hybrid electric ver.) LED replacement bundle, LED Headlight (PA S623), LED Turn Signal Lights (4 pcs), LED Turn Signal Lights (2 pcs), LED Front Interior Lights (2 pcs), LED Rear Dome Light(1pc), LED Vanity Light (2 pcs), LED License Plate Light (2 pcs), LED Trunk Light, LED Rear Light Bulb

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