LED Auto Light OEM/ODM Service


What does PA offer?

Multidirectional LED expertise

With more than 15 years of LED automotive expertise, we have a lot of experience and research to provide our customers with professional design, manufacturing and production services to find the most suitable products.

Quality Control

We have a complete set of instruments and equipment to ensure the quality of our products is up to the standard through strict testing before shipment.

Customized Products

We have the technology to produce products with appearance, color, special engraving…etc. We can provide the best products based on experience and reduce manufacturing costs to help you get your products to market faster.

Customized packaging

We provide customized packaging service with the help in manufacture, focusing on design and production according to customer needs. We work with professional vendors to ensure high quality and on-time delivery.

Premium Warranty

As long as PA products are covered by a complete warranty process, we can grasp the situation of product failure and provide the best solution.




Why do I need OEM/ODM for automotive LED bulbs?

  • Patent protection: As with most products, the automotive light bulb industry is highly competitive and if you have a unique product design or technology, you can ensure that your company’s brand is protected and prevent unauthorized copying.
  • Supply chain advantages: PA has an extensive network of supply chain partners and suppliers, as well as better material prices and delivery times. This will enable you to sell your products at more competitive prices.

What kind of company is suitable for OEM/ODM?

OEM is suitable for companies that want to focus on brand marketing and sales. By entrusting OEM manufacturers to handle product design and production, companies can save time and costs and focus on marketing, sales strategy and customer relationship management. This partnership model is particularly suitable for start-ups, brand building companies and those who need to save on manufacturing resources.

What kind of logistics/shipment do you provide?

We provide all kinds of domestic and international logistics services, including postal services, DHL, Fedex and other express delivery, and accurately and quickly calculate the most favorable freight rates.

Where is the factory of PA?

PA has factories in Taiwan and China, and the technology and development are  finished in Taiwan. The strict inspection process will also be completed in Taiwan for bulk shipment.





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