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Definition of LED Colors
Warm, Pure and Cold White

Definition of LED color


There is no such pure yellow color existed in LED Lighting, the Amber color means the so-called Amber with orange neutralizing .


LED Headlight & Fog Light HL3

Pros  /Competitively priced, fog highly breakable, heat-tolerant design, adequate base types

Cons /Less bright than white light


Purple color in LED Lighting means the color between Pink and Purple, not real Purple, real purple should be ULTRA VIOLET and only for medical use because UV is not bright enough for bulb



As known as sunset white, the kelvin range is between 3000K~4000K, with some kind of yellowish white color


Warm White, Pure White, and Cold White


White color temperatures are usually measured in Kelvin. (K)

  • Warm White(Sunset White):

in our category is classified between 2000K~4000K yellowish White

  • Pure White( Natural White ):

In our category is classified in 4000K~5000k Cold White  (Cool White): in our category is classified >4500K, bluwish white.White Color in LED is made by Blue color chip + Yellow powder( well known as “YAG”), that is normal when we see LED white sometimes has a little but blue or yellow light.

  • Cold White:


in our category is classified the value >4500K as the cold white.





Appearance CategoryYellowWarm WhiteDay White
AtmosphereAlarmingCozy, gentle and warmStylish, cool, and modern
Recommended for

Fog light, turn signal

Automotive interior

Headlight, fog light and automotive interior


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