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HYUGA Curator Team

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2022 Yamaha Zuma: Guide for LED Bulb Upgrade

We have received so many 2022 new Yamaha Zuma owners’ request for the whole LED bulb upgrade on their loved motorcycles. To respond to such huge voice advocating, yeah, we can’t deny chance to bring a guide to upgrade the original halogen bulb with ultimate LED for 2022 Yamaha Zuma 125.

Want installation tutorial? Click me to learn (step by step) how to install LED bulb on 2022 Yamaha Zuma.

LED Headlight


▲ LED Headlight U9S by HYUGA

If we recommend, the LED headlight for 2022 Yamaha Zuma 125 would be the model HYUGA LED Headlight U9SHYUGA LED U9S Headlight features the stable, bright lighting, thanks to its 7545 CSP chip. The chip is designed as the cross shape, so the light pattern is perfect as the halogen. You don’t have to worry about glaring, astigmatism, or blinding the oncoming people. Moreover, it is 5X more concentrated in light pattern than any other average LED headlight can do.

Base: H7 Click me to know more about LED-U9S


LED Turn Signal Bulb (Front + Rear)


▲  HYUGA LED Turn Signal Bulb with 22 SMD

We strictly recommend HYUGA Super Bright 1156 22 SMD LED Turn Signal Bulb The brightness is in average five times higher than the halogen bulbs! Most important of all, it is approved with the feature: no hyper flash, meaning that you don’t need a decoder.

Base: BAU15S (1156) Click me to know more

LED Daytime Running Light Bulb (Optical Colors Available)


▲ HYUGA LED 6 SMD 5630 Light Bulb – White


▲ Oh, Yeah,  Green is also a unique color for Zuma!!
Bulb: 6 SMD 2835


▲ Oh, yeah, Red is a speedy color for Zuma!!
Bulb: 6 SMD 2835


▲ The Feature of the Bulbs (Green + Red)

The brightness is in average times higher than the original DRL halogen bulbs! It also features anti-dim (non-ghosting), non-polar, small size and stabilizer built in. Check out which color you love:

Base T10 / White   Click me to know more

Base T10 / Green  Click me to know more

Base T10 / Red   Click me to know more

Not just white, green and red colors. You may choose any other color that suits your personality.

LED Brake Light Bulb


Brake light is the crucial bulb that brings you safety during driving. The brighter brake light always make further back drivers understand your motorcycle is speeding down, or during brake. We are happy to recommend you our fascinating 1157 55 SMD LED bulb.

Base 1157 / Red  Click me to know more

LED License Plate Light Bulb


▲ LED Bulb: 6 SMD 2835 License Plate Light Bulb by HYUGA

Base T10 / Green  Click me to know more


To purse security, durability and car-lighting performance, it is not longer a dream. With the pursuit of stability, brightness, security and the highest compatibility, we always brings on the ultimate automotive lighting brightness. Not only see further in the road, but also get more attraction from your car.

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Buy the Whole Bundle,
Save More Cash & Upgrade Entirely:

Now, you can save at most $30 to get entire lighting replacement, with the unique customer services: 

1. 90-day returns for unexpected failure. 

2. 1.5 years of warranty

3. USA free shipping. 

4. 365-day online chat for support.

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